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Employees are the most valuable and dynamic assets of an organization. The University Personnel Databank  is an extensive and comprehensive system that maintains and tracks information pertaining to all the employees of the university. It captures comprehensive details pertaining to all the employees in the organization. In short, it maintains the employees inventory of the university.

The system captures overall details related of an employee right from personal information to the professional level. It facilitates for keeping track of various types of transfers in the life cycle of an employee. The system also stores joining and exit of an employee from the university along with the reasons for the exit. The system keeps track of appraisals and promotions. There is provision for leave and attendance maintenance. The system is going to be fully integrated with Recruitment, Payroll and other related Systems. Extensive and effective reporting functions provide a snapshot of employee overall information.

Each employee can view his/her service details by just logging into the system. The employee gets an e-Service Detail Book on his screen. An employee can view details like:
  • Personal details
  • Joining details
  • Qualification details
  • Promotion, Transfer details
  • Nomination details etc.
The system provides some add-on online services to the employees like Applying for Leaves, Applying for GP Fund etc.


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